What We Do

The Power of Alignment

As Geoff Smart wrote in Leadocracy,  great leaders master the three A's: analyzing, allocating, and aligning. And in the last 20 years, many leaders have become much more rigorous in the way they tackle the first two:

Analyzing: understanding opportunities, risks, and options—and then mapping a path forward.

Allocating: making the tough decisions about how to invest finite resources in support of the strategy.

But what about the third A? Aligning people and culture in support of business results. This is where many organizations come up short. And where we can make a big difference.

Frequently requested services

In the last twelve months, we have helped clients to measurably and meaningfully…

  • >Align their people (and messages, programs, and culture) in support of targeted business results.
  • >Shape and strengthen their organizational culture as a source of competitive advantage.
  • >Lead change efforts, aligning key stakeholders in support of high-stakes initiatives (with an approach based on Lean principles, so change-management activity is all high value, no waste).
  • >Upgrade the internal communication function so that it plays a direct and measurable role in driving business results.
  • >Elevate the capacity of leaders at all levels to align people and culture in support of business results (through our Five Frequencies®-based 360° and training).
  • >Get the top team aligned (as a precursor to aligning the rest of the organization).
  • >Create a crisp, compelling storyline (and then communicate it consistently through both words and actions)—so that leaders actually have a shot at competing for employees’ attention (and discretionary energy).